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Richard Devine

During the past three years, Richard Devine has remixed top Warp artists like Aphex Twin and Mike Patton (Faith No More). He has released 7 full-length albums on Schematic, Planet-Mu,  Warp, Asphodel, and Sublight records and has performed his own ear-tearing music mayhem worldwide. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he has done film score work for Touchstone Pictures (with John Hues & Kyle Cooper). He has also collaborated with BT (Brian Transeau on the movie “Surveillance” Directed by Adam Rifkin, Odopod, Elias Arts, Wieden & Kennedy, AKQA Inc., and has worked on commercials for the Nike Shoe Company and worked with various companies doing sound design for Audi, BMW, Ford, Scion, Coke, LandRover, Peugeot, Dodge, HBO, Nestle, Nike Japan & USA, McDonald's, Sprite, Spike Television network and has also worked with Konami gaming division for the Dance-Dance Revolution game. In 2007 he signed a deal with Sony Media to release his first two Sound Effects libraries, "Pulse" and "The Electronic Manuscript" which won 2009's best sample library by Remix Technology Awards. in 2008 Richard launched a new sound design company "Devinesound" which was nominated for the Cannes Lions Award for the sound design work on the interactive website for Microsoft Gaming division-Halo Believe Campaign. In May 2016 he contributed sound effects and musical elements to the Doom 4 Soundtrack along with Mick Gordan. In 2017 He created UI Sound Design and Ambisonic Environmental Audio for Google's DayDream VR Platform/Google Earth VR. In 2018 he did Sound Design for the new Jaguar I-Pace electric car, which included the exterior/interior engine sounds. All in the system user interaction sounds, alerts, notifications, blinker, low battery warning, charging battery, navigation, and power on/welcome sounds. In November 2018 he released his 7th full album Sort\Lave on Planet-Mu records(U.K.) His new EP on BL_K recordings is slated for September 2020. In 2019 He designed all the user interaction sounds and the opening sound logo for Google's Stadia streaming platform. On February 24, 2019, Richard created several soundtracks and hundreds of sound effects for CD Projekt Red's CyberPunk 2077, and on November 11, 2020, he released the "Systik" EP on BlackNoise records. He is currently working on his next album slated for next year, coming out on Planet-Mu records. 

  • Richard Devine on YouTube
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Daedelus (aka Alfred Darlington) stands for a world awash in sound. With 20+ years producing on labels such as Brainfeeder, Ninjatune, Warp, and important upstarts like Albert's Favourites and Dome of Doom. All the while performing over 1,000+ shows worldwide, from underground raves to festival mainstages. In 2019 they were founding faculty at Berklee College of Music's EDI principle instrument program and in 2020 added artist in residence at S.E.T.I.

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Lisa Bella Donna2.jpeg

Lisa Bella Donna

Lisa Bella Donna is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, modular synthesist, sound designer, educator, and clinician. She has decades of experience as a multi-instrumentalist session musician, educator, as well as developing extensive techniques with musique concreté, modular synthesis, analog recording & mixing techniques, microtonal music, orchestration & film composition. Lisa has traveled all throughout the USA, Japan & Europe performing concerts and conducting workshops and clinics. She has been commissioned for many multichannel audio art installations in the USA and Europe. Lisa has 35 full length releases that can be found on her bandcamp page. Plus 4 Vinyl/CD releases through Behind The Sky Records.


Lisa can be seen often representing and showcasing the modern instruments of Moog music Inc. She has many videos of her awe-inspiring performances with Moog Synthesizers on the Moog Music Youtube page. Lisa also works closely with Moog Music Inc. composing a wide variety of patchbooks for their semi-modular "Ecosystem" as well as the deeply exploritoty multi-timbral patches you will pull up on the Moog One 16 Voice Polyphonic synthesizer. Lisa has 2 full length releases only available on the Moog Music Bandcamp that feature the Moog One Synthesizer. "Transformers" & "Explorations With The Moog One Electronic Music Synthesizer Vol. 2" These recordings give truly inspiring examples of the Moog One's infinite sonically musical possibilities. Also, Lisa's 2XLP album "Afternoon Dreams" was the very first album released that features compositions performed solely on the Moog Matriarch. Lisa is a proud ambassador & educator of Moog Music and all of the artistry that goes into making their instruments.

Photo Credit: C 2022 Moog Music Inc.

  • Lisa Bella Donna on YouTube
  • Lisa Bella Donna on Instagram

Bad Snacks

Bad Snacks is a beatmaker, artist & multi-instrumentalist out of Los Angeles, CA. Having been classically trained on violin since the age of three, she studied a multitude of musical styles until settling on her musical chapter as bad snacks, where she combines organic and electric instruments with synthesized soundscapes in a lofi-meets-electronic setting and often performs within the instrumental hip hop scenes of Los Angeles.

  • Bad Snacks on YouTube
  • Bad Snacks on Instagram
wf photo2.png

Walker Farrell

Start as a channel mostly dedicated and curious musicians to learn about simulating time travel? What is perspective? It feels like by my estimation, it takes a noise. Walker is an interesting collection of live performances from the biggest questions, with a plenty amusing range of topics from his own interests. Walker's videos run on how we experience music. You might already goofiness. He was kind enough to grow into a gathering point for creating myself making a sandwich? Noise all the way down, to generally have an idea about Walker's personality. If you've seen a handful of efforts on outwardly encouraging classic electronic music techniques, to re-contextualizing impressive resourcefulness, and a touch of thoughtful musicianship with a dry wit. To interact with sound, and even the noise floor of the universe? Gelatinous cube eats tapes.

  • Walker Farrell on Bandcamp
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Trovarsi & ALX-106

Trovarsi is an LA based music composer/producer, live electronic artist, educator, and streaming YouTube host. Over the past decade, Trovarsi has released her music on a wide variety of notable electronic music labels. Her work transcends genres, cultures, and boundaries, yet also authentically and reverentially embraces many creative traditions. With a hybrid blend of modular and analogue synthesizers, drum machines and Ableton, Trovarsi embraces Afrofuturistic electronic expression while remaining firmly planted by her musical roots. 


Trovarsi is co-founder of the Southern California Synth Society, whose purpose is to educate and facilitate interest in electronic music through synthesizers, modular DIY builds and community events. She also founded the international streaming festival Frequency Shift, featuring female and gender expansive electronic artists.  Additionally, Trovarsi produces Faders Up, an online monthly interview/performance show highlighting unique artists in electronic music. She is the curator of Transduction Signal on FNOOB Techno Radio, which showcases global artists/DJ’s as well as up-and-coming electronic musicians.


Whether performing in the LA underground or on global streaming platforms, Trovarsi continues to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Alex Anderson is the sales/marketing/video guy, as well as a product developer for WMD, a Eurorack manufacturer our of Denver, Co. He has released music under many monikers, most recently ALX-106. Anderson is one of the driving forces behind WMD’s push for innovative interfaces for live performance using Eurorack and hardware synthesizers. 


He has been performing with Eurorack for almost 10 years now, creating atmospheric, house-inspired tracks with an experimental edge.  Anderson runs monthly, synth-focused events Freq-boutique and Patched Out. In these events he has found a love in supporting the community and collaborating with friends.  Check out his label Perpetual Joy for examples of this support, where he releases music from friends he has met in the synthesizer community.

  • Trovarsi on YouTube

Todd Barton

Todd Barton is a sonic adventurer, composer, tutor and performer of abstract, freely improvised electronic music specializing in Buchla, Serge and Hordijk instruments. He widely shares his explorations, demos and tutorials via Youtube, Patreon, Instagram and private online sessions with friends, clients and students around the world. Follow the sound; Feel the electrons; Listen!  

  • SoundCloud
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Shawn Rudiman

In 1989 Shawn Rudiman started production work with Ed Vargo as part of the seminal Industrial group T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion). This EBM/Elektro unit became quite popular in the EBM/Industrial music scene of the early to mid 90′s. They released 4 full-length albums, countless remixes and compilation releases on both European and domestic labels. During these formative years, Shawn developed a fascination with vintage music machines. In 1997, he decided to stray from his Industrial-EBM roots to explore the depths of pure rhythm and sounds in Techno music. At this time he also relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The transition from industrial to techno presented a challenge due to the difference in sound layers, structures and refinement of rhythms, but results proved positive. He began producing Techno and experimenting with live sets at the same time. 


Rudiman’s all live sets of non-stop, improvised techno became his trademark. His innate understanding of hardware drum machines, sequencers, samplers and synthesizers gives his performances the fluidity and smoothness of any DJ set, but entirely flexible in direction and tempo (well before the introduction of software live applications). These performances gained international attention throughout the global Techno community and along with a packed discography of 12" ep releases and full length conceptual albums...they have become what some could call legendary.  After his latest release in early 2021 "FLOW STATE " Rudiman has flexed artistic muscles in the deeper end of the pool with cinematic textures, and intimate understanding of synthesis and emotional structures.  

Jeremy Blake 4.png

Jeremy Blake

Jeremy Blake is the stage name of Jeremy Leaird-Koch, Seattle-based composer, performer, and content creator for the channel Red Means Recording.


Starting with flute as a child, Jeremy found trackers in high school and started making music heavily influenced by the electronica explosion of the late 90s in the US. Working primarily in the DAW for decades, he found a new voice with hardware and modular and started performing.


Still heavily influenced by those early 2000s classics, Jeremy blends strong beats with atmospheric flourishes, always with an ear for melody, progression, and texture.


Jeremy has performed for Basement Sate, New York Modular Society, and Colorado Modular Society, and has worked with brands such as Korg, Novation, and Audio Damage on sound design projects.

  • Red Means Recording on YouTube

Patricia Wolf

Patricia Wolf is a musician, sound designer, curator, and DJ residing in Portland, Oregon. Wolf uses electronics, voice, and field recordings to produce non-linear compositions that draw listeners to a hypnotic inner world.


Her use of melody and repetition manipulate the listeners’ perception of time, conjuring vivid textures, and atmospheres. She combines this with her field recording practice. Using both nature sound and multi-channel ambisonic microphones to record her homeland in the Pacific Northwest, she elegantly captures the murmur of the organic world.


Sound design has become an integral part of her creative practice. Using years of experience with electronic music to inform her practice, she always considers how the broader public world will interact with sound design. For the synthesizer company Novation Digital Music Systems, she has created a number of the preset sounds for the Summit and Peak wavetable synthesizers. For Hack Oregon and overseen by federal safety agencies, she worked on a video game meant for educating children how to survive an earthquake –it was installed at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and Patricia’s work covered both the music and sound design of the game–. She also made many field recordings at Mount Saint Helens, an active volcano site. Her recordings all took place on the northern side of Mount Saint Helens, which was completely destroyed in a large volcanic eruption in 1989. Ecologists have been fascinated with how the area has recovered since the eruption, due to the new ecosystem which emerged from the site. Patricia’s field recordings are used both in educational material for school-aged children who visit the Mount Saint Helens Institute, and in her album Life On Smoking Mountain.


As a curator, Patricia has worked with regional arts organizations in Portland, Oregon along with her personal gallery space Variform to showcase sound art and modern composition. She looks for artists and specific works that are intimate, which turn an acoustic space into a shared moment of deep listening. Through artist funding from organizations like the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts and the Regional Arts and Culture Council, she has commissioned new sound works which focus on site-specific installation and performance.


Using overlapping MIDI sequences, synthesizers, field recordings, voice, dub mixing techniques, and sometimes drum machines, Wolf produces an atmosphere of reflection ranging from ambient to techno. Patricia has shared the stage with diverse artists such as Seefeel, Silent Servant, Matthew Dear, Lust For Youth, Steve Hauschildt, John Chantler, Marcus Fischer, Headless Horseman, Ricardo Donoso, MSHR, and Saloli.

  • Patricia Wolf on YouTube
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Leandrul is Crosby Morgan, an American vocalist, producer, and multi instrumentalist who fuses electronic and folk genres to make her own musical fabrications. Morgan is known for her choral-heavy live performances where she employs various looping equipment and several microphones on stage. She compliments her vocal arrangements with samples she extracts from her original recordings and with a drum machine. Her songs “Interim” and “Interim (Choir Version)” have aired on KEXP’s Audioasis show over the last year. Her next album, Choose, is set to be released late 2022.


Young Scientist

Young Scientist was formed in Seattle in the mid-1970’s by James Husted, Roland Barker and Marc Barreca, performing for several years with analog synths, tape loops and keyboards. Following re-releases of 1970s material on the German labels Bureau B and Vinyl on Demand, the group has reunited with Marc and James joining forces to perform their blend of evolving, transportive electronics.

James Husted, when not doing graphic design, has been making electronic music in Seattle since the mid-1970s, playing in numerous electronic music bands in the Seattle area. He has releases from many of these groups - K7SS, Sequencer People, Body Falling Downstairs, and Audio Letter - and appeared on both Seattle Syndrome albums produced by local Engram Records. He is also the creator and principal partner in the Seattle synthesizer module manufacturer, Synthwerks, making performance and utility modules for the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. 


Marc Barreca  has been making electronic music in Seattle since the mid-1970s, releasing a number of projects over the years on Hawaii-based Palace of Lights as well as other labels. His most recent releases include the 2022 Palace of Lights CD, "Drowning Guides", solo CDs The Empty Bridge, From the Gray and the Green, Shadow Aesthetics, two CDs with Steve Peters and K. Leimer as "Three Point Circle",  a vinyl collaboration with K. Leimer, Chains of Being on the Spanish label, Abstrakce Records and a vinyl re-release on Scissor Tail Records of The Sleeper Wakes.



SleepPattern is a Seattle visual artist that utilizes VHS footage, custom analog hardware, and video synthesis tools. Their output will lull you into a hypnagogic trance only to leave you trapped in liminal spaces laced with nostalgia and awe.


Scott Keva James

Scott Keva James is a Seattle-based audio/visual artist, who works primarily with found imagery and light, using video and projection in installation work and live visual performance. He has a keen interest in time, texture and flow. In his work lyrical patterns emerge and slide along the continuum between organic and inorganic, nature and artifice, abstract and concrete. In his professional life he has creative-directed multi-media stage shows and implemented complex, immersive environments.

  • Scott Keva James on Instagram
Project 32.jpeg

Project 32

Project 32 is an electronic musician based in Seattle and is a long time member of the local synthesizer community. He is a founding member of Basement State. Besides composing music, he has also mixed and mastered projects from artists in the community. His music style ranges from pounding techno and melodic house/electro all the way to ambient soundscapes through the use of analog synthesizers and drum machines.

  • Bandcamp
  • Instagram

Planar Drift

Planar Drift is the musical project of Seattle's Duffy Kingsolver. He forms sonic textures in multiple genres using a variety of synthesizers and samplers. His work is highly repetitive and often features classic acid techno sounds punctuated by dreamlike ambient soundscapes. He is a founding member of Basement State.

  • SoundCloud

Monique Duran

Monique Duran is a Seattle-based multimedia artist born and raised in New Mexico. Her aesthetic leans toward the lyrical, often using the human form and nature as an expression of our animality and connection to the rhythms around us.  

With increasing interest in immersive experiences, her work has come to include stage & event design, video installation, live visual mixing, and sound design. 

She has shown in support of international producers including Powel, Dance Spirit, Leo Leal, Afriqua and Melodie at festivals and events throughout the US.

  • Monqiue Duran on Vimeo

Mark Eats

Mark Eats is a musician, audio-visual artist, and a co-founder of electronic collective Basement State. Originally from England, he is now based in Seattle where he is exploring ways to compose with sound and image simultaneously. Wearing his influences on his sleeve, he makes music that has been described as "house euphoria paired with scientific curiosity".

  • SoundCloud

Magic 3ye

 Magic 3ye is a seattle based visual artist who uses found footage from scarecrow video and a modular video rig to create a psychedelic array of colors to accompany live music. 


Lousy Falcon

Lousy Falcon is the largest animal ever known to have existed, reaching up to 30 meters in length, and weighing up to 180 tons - it may not be obvious from a distance, but his heart can weigh as much as a car, and his veins are so large that you could swim through them. Though seldom heard by humans, Lousy Falcon is also one of the loudest animals on the planet, communicating by using a series of low frequency pulses, tones, and other strange groaning sounds. It is thought that in good conditions, Lousy Falcon can be heard across distances of up to 1,600km.



Joshua Limanjaya Lim is a modular synthesist and producer from Portland, OR. He channels his experiences and influences into ambient soundscapes with elements of lo-fi hip and glitch hop sprinkled throughout. 

  • Bandcamp
  • Instagram


Mokedo, (she/they) aka Mollie Bryan, is multi-faceted artist with experience working in a variety of mediums such as painting, photography, sculpture, light, video, textile, paper and recycled materials such as cassettes. Her scope of work revolves around her love of natural patterns, textures, lush PNW nature, techno music, and the acts of exploration and play. Her work has been shown at spaces such as the Seattle Art Museum SAM Lights event, Triple Door, Pacific Science Center. Mokedo is also the owner of LUSIO, which she started in 2015 after seeing a lack of opportunity for light artists to share their shine. 

  • Mokedo on Instagram


Leash is a project of musician and visual artist Jordan Rundle. Investigating the boundaries of dance music, electroacoustic spaces, sound art, and beyond, Jordan creates complex and eclectic compositions and live performances designed to express a wide gamut of emotional territories.


Jordan also creates music as Packmember Angel, a moniker he uses for his voice and lyric-based songs, and was previously a member of Seattle avant-rock quartet Newaxeyes.

  • SoundCloud
  • Bandcamp


He’s a dude that wears a black unicorn head. Makes noises that are borderline aggressive/pleasing to some people. good times loud as f@$k. PSA…bring hearing protection. Ear destruction is permanent. DON’T MOURN ORGANIZE!

  • Bandcamp
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Indigo blerps mathtacular bleepbloops into the void with a strange noodle-boat artifact forged from fever dreams and obscure whimsical microchips. Nothing is true. Everything is sacred.

  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube
Herr Shield.jpg

Herr Shield

Herr Shield is an experimental artist who uses modular synthesizers to create unique sounds and textures. He is a founding member of Basement State. Herr Shield's music is dark, atmospheric, and often unsettling, but it is also highly creative and innovative.

  • YouTube

Harsh Realm

Harsh Realm explores the dark and hypnotic side of the techno spectrum. Informed by electronic music, post-rock/post-metal and minimalist music, he revels in the space of repetition, texture, and body-resonating bass. Observe the liminal spaces between body and mind.

  • Instagram


Former is an electronic musician, visual artist, and founding member of Basement State. Influenced by years of listening to vinyl records from the 1970s African Diaspora and Germany along with low quality YouTube uploads of electronics from the turn of the 21st century, his music is textured with chopped breaks, cracked ambience, and hypnotic locked grooves. His visuals are defined by contrast, abstraction and the chaos of the natural world. He wishes to move you.

  • Instagram


Matthew Piecora, aka EZBOT, is a Seattle-based artist and educator, who specializes in hardware electronic music. In his compositions you’ll discover sounds inspired by 90’s alternative rock, deep house, techno, and jazz. Using experimental live-coding, samplers, synthesizers, and complex sequencers, EZBOT aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia using modern music technology.

  • YouTube

Enereph & Jesse Whomst

Enereph combines textural percussion and mystical ambience into sound worlds meant to calm and provide a sense of openness and clarity to listeners. She utilizes the Octatrack MKI sampler and a modular synthesizer with a small collection of FX pedals to achieve her sound. Her palette is genre-fluid and includes applications in dance music, ambient soundscapes, and alt pop. Her joint EP with Jnatra, Nature Machine, is out on Velvet Lab Records on July 1st.


Jesse Whomst is a modular artist, producer, and audio engineer. His downtempo rhythms build organically into energetic peaks, moving fluidly between mellow and off kilter sounds.


Both artists are based in Seattle.

  • Instagram


Designheavy (aka Jeff LaCoste) is a designer, tinkerer, and the video artist who creates fantastically odd visions for the Seattle based Monster Planet collective.

Demetrius Patin.jpg

Demetrius Patin

Demetrius Patin creates music in layered patterns of polyrhythms, lush echos, and chewy distortion.  This sound is meant to move you, if not physically, then emotionally. With hints of classical, jazz, and progressive rock/metal the sound is unique, beautiful and driving. 

  • Bandcamp
Carbon In Prose.jpeg

Carbon In Prose

Carbon In Prose is the music artifact from Cameron MacNair, sonifying juxtapositions of raw human experience & the digital worlds we inhabit.

  • Bandcamp
  • Instagram


Blazinspace is a visual artist, filmmaker and producer who has been VJing in Seattle for seven years, performing live visuals at over 250 events. They use a combination of projection mapping tricks to transform space into an immersive experience.  They shine a light and they attack with love.

  • Blazinspace on Instagram


Brian Krall, aka Balance.Spring, is a Seattle-based electronic musician, with a focus on modular synthesis. Influences stemming from techno to 90’s rock and industrial music, result in large soundscapes with deep, evolving, often ethereal textures backed by heavy beats. Never being ashamed of his use of a wheelchair, his artistic expression is an experiment in adapting to differing abilities, while pushing boundaries, with the goal of bringing visibility for disability.

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