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Patchwerks is a community-driven nexus for people who love making sounds with electronics. We focus on education and community in addition to our retail storefront and e-commerce activities. Our staff is passionate about music, recording, synthesizers, modular, and so much more!

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Modular Seattle

Modular Seattle is devoted to electronic music, art, and community in the Puget Sound area, focused mainly on modular and hardware-based synthesizers and the people who create with them. We provide monthly performance events, educational lessons and workshops, and access to music-making technology.

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Basement State

Basement State is a Seattle-based live electronic music collective that curates in-person and online events where resident artists and guests perform live, original music across an array of electronic genres. Their first compilation release, Vol. I, was released on cassette and in digital form in August 2021.

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LUSIO strives to create accessible experiences utilizing the art of light to create immersive journeys through the time space continuum we call life. Whether it's the annual Lusio festival that gathers thousands of light lovers, or a brilliantly explosive underground techno event, thoughtfully curating video art or (light art) and progressive electronically created sounds has been proven to provide a template for a psycho somatic experience that builds, fulfills, inspires, and bends the mind into unknown territories. One light wave at a time. 

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Podular Modcast

Tim Held is a musician and podcast host from the Pacific Northwest. His podcast, Podular Modcast, is a weekly show that features chats with musicians and synth manufacturers from the worldwide synth scene. Pod Mod recently celebrated its 200th episode and 4 year anniversary. When Tim isn't making, or talking about music, he can be found roaming the wilds of the PNW with his lovely wife, Hannah.

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Allotrope IJK

allotrope ijk is a video jockey collective comprised of Nick Bigelow and c.m.barth. Active since 2019, the duo formed out of a mutual interest in creating live, multi-sensory experiences.

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Monster Planet

Monster Planet is an ever-expanding collective of producers, musicians, sound designers, visual artists, and B-movie enthusiasts, who improvise a soundtrack to a curated-mix of the most bizarre and cheesy B-movies in existence — creating a surreal blend of continuously-evolving electronic / ambient / experimental / drone music and obscure, low-budget cinema. 

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Techno Logic Synth Culture

We are a community program, promoting a simple concept: self expression through
sound. Our ethos is driven by cultivating inclusive synth culture in the Pacific Northwest.


We host communal learning events where all are welcome. There's an opportunity to jam, teach, observe, and learn in a safe space. This environment encourages collaboration, empowers people to push themselves creatively, and provides an entry point into performing electronic music.

Through our partnership with Innovation High School, we also provide support and
resources for high school students to broaden their understanding of music production, and create meaningful digital media. In this program, students get hands-on access to a wide variety of electronic instruments and audio production equipment 5 days a week.

Empowering the next generation of synthesists and electronic music artists.


Honor and embrace creative diversity.

Synthesis For All.

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