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4ms Company creates innovative Eurorack synthesizer modules, DIY kits, and effect pedals. All of our gear is designed and built at our Portland studio by our small and passionate team of experienced engineers, musicians, and artists.

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Acid Rain Technology

Eurorack synthesizer modules from the Pacific Northwest.

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After Later Audio

After Later Audio is a boutique Eurorack company based in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA.  We offer original modular synthesizers that focus on patch programmability and offer classic open source designs.  We have products for everyone from the casual synthesist to the professional audio engineer.

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Ashun Sound Machines

ASM is about creating musical instruments that empower musicians to unleash their creativity and expressiveness. Design, ease of use, quality of sound, fun factors are at the core of our products. We strive to break barriers to bring powerful engine and high quality musical instruments to the market. Our team is made up of talents with different background and culture who share the same mindset. We bring many collective years of experience together to form a unique team.  Our passion is to make products that we are proud to make and customers are proud to own.

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Bjooks is a boutique publishing company founded and run by author, designer, and musician Kim Bjørn with a team of dedicated co-authors, editors, and researchers. The first book, PUSH TURN MOVE, was published in 2017. This was followed by PATCH & TWEAK in 2018, which has since been referred to as the 'Bible of Modular Synthesis’; PEDAL CRUSH - Stompbox Effects for Creative Music Making in 2019; PATCH & TWEAK with Moog in 2020; and SYNTH GEMS 1 in 2021. The mission of Bjooks is to create exciting titles about music technology, artists, and makers, in order to document, inspire and explore the world of music creation.



Swedish manufacturer of electronic musical instruments.

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Learning Modular

Learning Modular is the educational side of Chris Meyer, co-author of the book Patch & Tweak. Chris learned to use modular synths as a teenager, and went on to create Vector Synthesis as well as design musical products for Sequential, Digidesign, and Roland. offers easy-to-follow modular synthesis courses, a modular synthesis glossary plus other useful resources, and portals to his Patreon site as well as his musical side, Chris Meyer’s Alias Zone.

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Make Noise

Make Noise was founded in 2008 by Tony Rolando, a self-taught electronic musical instrument designer who got started by obsessively reading amateur radio books at the public library, building electronics for artists, such as the light controlled mixer for Simon Lee's "Bus Obscura," working for Moog Music, and playing in bands for many years. After 3 years of isolation on a mountain top he founded Make Noise.


What started as a re-visioning of jettisoned music technology has grown into a crew of folks working together in Asheville, NC, to design and build some pretty strange, but thoughtful modular synthesizers. We see our instruments as a collaboration with musicians who create once in a lifetime performances that push boundaries and play the notes between the notes to discover the unfound sounds. We want our instruments to be an experience, one that will require us to change our trajectories and thereby impact the way we understand and imagine sound. Also, we think what we do is fun and we hope you like it, too.

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Modbap Modular, founded by Corry Banks, is a black owned eurorack modular synthesis and electronic musical instrument manufacturer. Our instruments are made and designed in Southern California - USA. It is our goal and mission to develop fun, forward thinking, performance oriented instruments with the DJ and beatmaker’s perspective in mind.

Launched in 2020, Modbap Modular's products are distributed by Electro-Distro and sold in 40+ electronic musical instrument stores across the globe - North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Welcome to the movement!

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Moog Music is the leading producer of analog synthesizers in the world. Our employee-owned company and its customers carry on the legacy of electronic musical instrument pioneer Dr. Bob Moog.

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Mordax is a Eurorack modular synthesizer and associated music technology company based in Vancouver, Washington, USA.



    Novation is a British company designing innovative tools for electronic music-makers. Novation specializes in designing synthesizers, grid-based and keyboard controllers and grooveboxes – technology that translates ideas into reality, channeling artistic energy to create new music.

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    Sonocurrent develops a growing range of distinctive, yet versatile modules for the Eurorack format, combining inspiring sonic possibilities with careful attention to ergonomics and interface design, for the most direct creative engagement between artist and instrument.

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    Modern guitar effects and modular synth gear, pushing the envelope of electronics.

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    Waveform Magazine

    Waveform is a quarterly print magazine about sound synthesis and those who inhabit that world.

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    Yamaha is the world’s-leading music and sound company.  We are committed to helping everyone progress, express and connect through music and sound.  We offer innovative, finely crafted, award-winning products for your entire musical journey including pianos, synthesizers, brass instruments, woodwinds, strings, electronic keyboards, guitars, drums, professional and home audio equipment.

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