Patchwerks is Seattle’s source for analog and digital music electronics, offering retail sales, education, and community events for musicians of all skill levels. We offer a variety of workshops and demo events, as well as a comprehensive lesson program covering a wide range of music production hardware, software and techniques. Visit our retail location at 3107 Eastlake Ave E, or shop online 24-7 at patchwerks.com.

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Modular Seattle

Modular Seattle is devoted to electronic music, art, and community in the Puget Sound area, focused mainly on modular and hardware-based synthesizers and the people who create with them. We provide monthly performance events, educational lessons and workshops, and access to music-making technology.

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Since it was founded in 1963, Korg's goal has been to create new experiences in music and performance. That was what drove the creation of Japan's first disc-based rhythm machine, the Doncamatic, and then led to the development of Japan’s first synthesizer and the world's first needle-type tuner, followed by numerous unique instruments that have brought the enjoyment of musical performance to many people all around the world.


Korg is resolved to continue to create innovative and uncompromising instruments which maintain the high quality that inspires professional artists and creators, and yet are approachable enough for anyone to play. The musical instruments Korg will deliver are reflections of the ideas and values of the many artists and users who continue to love Korg products - now and into the future.

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4ms Company

4ms Company offers alternatives to traditional instruments with our poly-rhythmic clock modules that create evolving complex mathematical beat patterns, a resonator that can cast pop music into micro-tonal keys, a multi-channel wavetable oscillator, a routing matrix that's played like an instrument, and many more innovative devices. Rather than replicate concepts from the past, we strive to turn unique ideas into playable musical tools that expand the possibilities of music. We also offer Do-It-Yourself kits, and many of our designs are open-source.

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Mordax Systems

Mordax Systems is a Eurorack modular synthesizer and associated music technology company based in Vancouver, Washington, USA. They make hella nerdy kit, like the DATA multifunction module (oscilloscope, tuner, waveform generator, quad clock, and more) and the forthcoming GXN Granular Synthesis System. 

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BJOOKS is the boutique publishing company started by author, designer, and musician Kim Bjørn after the success of his first international book, PUSH TURN MOVE from 2017. This October BJOOKS releases PEDAL CRUSH - Stompbox Effects For Creative Music Making, funded on Kickstarter in just 12 minutes.


From the very beginning, Kim teamed up with marketer, producer, and DJ Lars Juhl. The Danish duo with their solid backgrounds in design, publishing, and music creation follow their passion for making beautiful, highly usable, and tangible products in a digital world.


Both Kim and Lars are to be found at music tech events around the world, ranging from NAMM, Superbooth, Synthplex, Moogfest, Synthfest, Loop, and Listen Festival, to modular festivals in Japan, and everything in-between.


Following his passion for design, music, technology, and people, Kim created PATCH & TWEAK in 2018 with Chris Meyer, and this book soon got the label "bible of modular synthesis."


The mission of BJOOKS is to create even more exciting titles about music technology, artists, and makers in the years to come.

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Roland Corporation

Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments, including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, and audio processing devices. With over 40 years of innovation that continues to shape the sound of modern music, Roland sets the standards in music technology for the world to follow.

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WMD is a manufacturer of music hardware including Modular Synthesizers, Guitar Pedals, and stand alone music instruments.  Our focus is to create quality products with an emphasis on features and versatility.


More than a brand or a company, we are truly a collection of artists.  Each and every one of us make art or music in one way or another.  We strive to make products that we would actually use in our everyday musical lives.  In order to do this we run an extensive beta testing program in which potential products get put into rigs of our employees and  well known artists we have grown close to over the years.  They go on tour, get recorded and gigged before they hit the market ensuring a powerful, intuitive feature set and top notch build.

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